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Never forget a password again with the all new version of SplashID Safe. SplashID Safe for iOS is now a universal app, meaning there's just one download for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. With SplashID Safe version 7, you choose how to manage your records -- save encrypted data on.

iPhone. iPad. Windows Mobile Windows Phone. Palm Pre and Pixi webOS. Palm OS Never forget a password again with the all new version of SplashID Safe. Introduction. SplashID Safe provides quick and easy access to all of your personal identification information, including usernames, passwords, credit cards , PINs. Think of SplashID as your personal vault or digital wallet on the iPhone or iPad. You can store and lock sensitive information - not just usernames and.

Added a timeout period option to Security Options (in the Tools screen). So now you can leave SplashID Safe and come back during a.

We are proud to announce the release of SplashID and SplashShopper for iPhone and iPod touch, available right now in the App Store. SplashID For iPhone. Read all about the latest SplashData products & industry news on our blog. If you keep sensitive data on your iPhone such as passwords and account numbers, SplashID may be your next iPhone app. SplashID by SplashData The app.

SplashID is available for all of Apple's iPhone OS based mobile devices and there are versions for the desktop. There is also Mac and PC versions, Splash ID . “Finger Pattern Login” which makes it simpler for users to access, but much more difficult for potential identity thieves to crack the code and. SplashData, Inc. has announced a major update to SplashID for iPhone and iPod touch. SplashID, which first shipped in July, is a secure.

To export your data from SplashID on a Mac, you'll need SplashID or earlier. Later versions of SplashID 8 can only save encrypted. Just bought 1Password would like to export Splash ID from my iPhone 6 with iOS to my new Mac. Can you provide step by step. One of my favorite iPhone applications, SplashID (US$, iTunes link), just got a major update to version 4.

SplashID is the world's most trusted password storage system. For over 12 years, over one million users have kept their passwords safe with SplashID - and now. Find the best free apps like SplashID for iPhone. 3 alternatives to choose: 1Password, LastPass and Keeper!. This User Guide covers the desktop version of SplashID. q Pattern Login -- If you are a fan of this feature on the iPhone application, you can now use the same .

SplashID Safe for iPhone: It stores master password in the database using reversible encryption. That is, it uses hard-coded key “g.;59?. You then need to have the SplashID app open on your iPhone before installing the desktop app, which walks you through setting up the Wi-Fi. SplashID is named a Top 6 Password Manager by CSO Online, and with off the $ retail price — today in the iPhone Hacks Deals Hub.

User reviews for SplashID Safe - Securely stores all of your For the life of me, I can't get my iPhone and MacBookPro SplashID data to sync. This is.

SplashData on Tuesday announced the release of SplashID , an update to its secure information manager for the iPhone. A free update for.

We previously reported the debut of the first known Palm OS Apps ported to the iPhone SplashID, SplashShopper and SplashMoney which.

Version Released on Dec 31, Available on Windows Phone and above. What is SplashID Safe? Watch a quick video at. SplashID for iPhone is about ready to launch, and we wanted to give you a sneak peek. It's definitely the best looking version of SplashID we've. I purchased SplashID some years ago on my iPhone. It appears that an upgrade converted it to a free SplashID account on Web browser and it now declares.

Popular Alternatives to SplashID for iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, iPad and more. Explore 25+ apps like SplashID, all suggested and ranked by the.

SplashData SplashID stores your passwords and other personal data On Android and iOS, SplashID looks and acts almost exactly the.

You can start by downloading the SplashID app for Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android. Since I'm writing this review on a Windows 10 system I decided to use that.

Currently SplashID supports access through the web and client apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone. Managing passwords, account numbers, login ids may be troublesome for certain users. To help them solve this problem, SplashData had developed the. Those days are gone with the iPhone. SplashID now contains all sorts of data that I'm always kicking myself for not having. When I call my.

Exporting information from SplashID and importing it into DataVault Password Manager. Fix the iPad/iPhone access. I work and travel in cell fringe areas. Apparently the app is attempting to establish cloud connection upon intial. No Landscape mode in iPhone/iPod Touch browser. SplashID from SplashData, of Los Gatos, CA, for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac OS X.

SplashID Safe for iOS updated to version Fixed a few issues with the web autofill feature - Fixed a few issues with the iPad icon picker -. SplashID is the world's most trusted password storage system. For over 12 years, over one million users have kept their passwords safe with. SplashID Safe Password Manager for iOS, SplashID Safe Password Manager reliable security solution on the iPhone / iPad - SplashID Safe.

SplashID Stories January 20, Here are the worst passwords of (and ' password' still isn't the worst) · Ben Lovejoy - Jan. 20th am PT.

SplashData, Inc. today announces a major update to its best-selling SplashID password manager app for iPhone and iPod touch. The new. Think of SplashID as your safe on the iPhone. You can store and lock sensitive information – not just usernames and passwords but credit card. Access: Only SplashID provides free, native, secure apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and the web, plus a browser plugin for Chrome.

SplashID is the most trusted name in password managers with over 10 years of .. and syncs on my multiple devices including desktop, macbook and iphone. Like eWallet, SplashID is designed to be a complete solution between the mobile device and the desktop, rather than simply an iPhone-based. Daily Deal: SplashID Pro, Lifetime Subscription | iLounge News makes sure your confidential information stays safe and in sync across your Mac, PC, iPhone, .

Currently SplashID Safe supports access through the Web and client apps for Windows desktop, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, BlackBerry

The best iPhone security apps here. SplashID allows you to lock usernames, credit card data, registration codes etc without any fear of breach of privacy.

We have a deal on a one year subscription to SplashID Pro, a password iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and even Windows Phone.

Download SplashID for iPhone OS. SplashID is a comprehensive application for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad which stores and locks sensitive information. I submitted this vulnerability report about the password database SplashID to cert .org in early November CERT bounced it back saying. SplashID Safe Personal Edition is available for iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac OS, and on the web at.

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