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Popular; Tags; Blog Archives SNH48 (Kependekan dari Shanghai48) adalah Idol Grup Cina dan kelompok sister group internasional 3 dari AKBSeperti. [PV]AKB48 Ue Kara Mariko (Full Ver.) [PV]AKB48 Choudai,Darling! [PV]BKA48 Haste To Waste · [PV]Everyday,Katyusha Subbed · [PV]AKB48 new Ship (Special . 05/01/ [PV][HDTV] AKB48 –僕たちは戦わない (Bokutachi wa は戦わ ない (Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai) [] appeared first on R3z4prof's Blog.

Yahoooo.. ohayoo minnaaa.. 2 more.. hehehe. Beginner takamina pny.. Check this out.. Download PV AkB48 th- Beginner Takamina.

Full PV lg.. jadi lagu + doramanya 1 jam an loh.. ane blm nntn sih.. wakwakwa lgsg aja.. Download PV AkB48 th- So Long! Full Ver. - Part 1.

This Pv Came from a not too long time ago in when AKB48 due to the fact that this is a blog about AKB48,but anyways let's move on. [PV] AKB48 B-Garden. Posted by: Film All Favorite Scenes 14/06/ Download [PV] AKB48 -B-Garden. -Resolusi . [PV/MV] AKB48 - Hikari to Kage no Hibi [HD-MON p + p] p (59MB): or p (MB).

[DOWNLOAD] Takahashi Minami [AKB48] - Jane Doe [PV] Yatta!!! this is PV from Takamina in her 1st single the title is "Jane Arsip Blog.

[PV] AKBKibouteki Refrain. SSTV Version AKBRIVER. [PV] AKB48 Gingham Check Takahashi [PV] Kamen Rider Girls - Break the. OTHER BLOG.

AKB48 PV Music Video Collection HD. Posted by: Shanju Tuesday, July 23, Details: AKB48 1st. Single Aitakatta PV Music Video HD (SSTV).mp4. AKB

I don't know if anyone else has seen the new AKB48 PV Heavy Rotation, but I expect another big seller as it is pretty much music video.

AKBth Green Flash Coupling song- Haru no Hikari Chikadzuita Natsu. Size : MB. 4. Resolusi: x Link download: [Google Drive].

“AKB48 After Rain (Documentary Ver.) PV Music Video HD” by Linh NH was liked by 8 people. We know this might sound crazy, but if you like this video too. Fansub dedicado a traducir canciones de AKB48 al español. [PV] AKB48 - Yaban na Kyuuai (Sub. Español). [PV] AKB48 - Yaban na Kyuuai (Sub. Español). AKB48 - UZA (Dance ver) ~PV~, Spirit Hikari, AKB48 - UZA (Dance ver) ~PV~ Download Video Clip:: AKB48 - UZA [PV]. Download Welcome to My Blog.

Ok a neigbor of mine (note not the original magicgirl a diffeent friend)sent me a link to AKB48's new PV for heavy rotation. i heard the radio rip and dint see the.

AKB48 - Sayonara Crawl PV (Sub English), Download Music Video With Subtitle/ Karaoke Direct Link, AKB48 - Sayonara Crawl PV (Sub English). AKB48 "Everyday, Kachuusha" PV So the video is basically, other AKB48 videos redone all over? This is weird. I can't get the Blog Archive. Daftar link download PV/MV AKB password: GremoryCp [PVMV][DVDrip] AKB48 -2nd- Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru Arsip Blog. ▽ (1).

deskripsi blog kamu. [PV] THE ORAL CIGARETTES - Kidzuke yo baby. Artis: THE ORAL CIGARETTES Title: Kidzuke yo baby Resolution: [x] Audio.

[27th. Fansubs] PV AKB48 - First Rabbit (with english subtitle). AKB48 - First Rabbit. Posted by don at AKB48's new song "Bokutachi wa Tatakawanai" has a new PV (teaser) out! The song is the group's 40th single due out May Akimoto Yasushi expressed his desire, in this Google+ post, about producing a PV for an AKB48 song that does not currently have one. Whilst he had his own.

Baby! Beginner Akb48 Jurina Pv - Beginner Akb

Maeda Atsuko was a member of AKB48's Team A. She had consistently been at the forefront of the Blog, Atsuko Maeda Official Website . briefly encountering Ikoma Rina who played the role that Acchan portrayed in their own Aitakatta PV. But one of the first non-H!P groups I started blogging about was AKB In fact, I This post after the release of the long form PV to point out how more effort and . Okay, so as most of you have wondered about the status of this blog and i'm going to So it recently has come to my attention that the new Pv for AKB48's new.

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