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Alice is a dark fantasy film written and directed by Jan Švankmajer. Its original Czech title is Něco z Alenky, which means "Something from Alice". It is a .

Directed by Jan Svankmajer. With Kristýna Kohoutová, Camilla Power. A surrealistic revision of Alice in Wonderland. Czech surrealist filmmaker Jan Svankmajer, who gained a reputation for his short Also released under the title Alice, Neco Z Alenky was nominated for the. Nobody who has seen even one of Svankmajer's shorts is likely to doubt that the Czech surrealist would make the definitive version of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Ad.

When Alice follows the White Rabbit into Wonderland, so begins this dream expedition into the astonishing landscape of childhood, through many dangerous . We all know the tale of "Alice in Wonderland", Lewis Carroll's inmortal story about a girl who stumbles upon a magic land full of colourful. Narrated by Alice's disembodied lips, Lewis Carroll's prose is edged out like droplets and offers a pulsing rhythm to Jan Svankmajer's stop.

A quiet young English girl named Alice finds herself in an alternate version of her own reality after chasing a white rabbit. She becomes surrounded by living.

Jan Švankmajer's film Alice (originally Něco z Alenky) is.

Švankmajer imbues his ever-changing Alice and Wonderland's objects, refashioned from those found in her bedroom, with the full weight of the surreal. Product Description. Jan Svankmajer, the Czech master of animation, has fulfilled a lifetime ambition in this personal interpretation of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in. The uncanny underpinnings of stop-motion animation serve as a catalyst for Jake Bews' analysis of childhood fantasies in Jan Svankmajer's film ALICE.

Czech animator Jan Svankmajer's masterpiece is a strikingly original interpretation of Lewis Carroll's classic tale. Combining animation and live action, he gives.

Tim Burton's Alice has nothing on Czech filmmaker Jan Švankmajer's Alice, a adaptation of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland." Wildly.

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people. It would be misleading, but not technically incorrect, to say that Jan Svankmajer's Alice () is among cinema's most assured debuts. Whitechapel Gallery presents a screening of animator Jan Svankmajer's 80s classic Alice (), a surreal and unsettling feature adaptation of Alice in.

Poster for the film: Alice Eng. € · Poster for the film: Hand colorated etching by J. Švankmajer / cycle „Natural History" table 1 · € · Hand colorated.

ALICE (DVD + Blu-ray) A film by Jan Svankmajer. Jan Svankmajer's Alice is a creepy and disturbing adaptation of Lewis Carroll's original vision. Combining a.

Czech animator Jan Svankmajer has created a masterpiece of cinema, a strikingly original interpretation of Lewis Carroll's classic tale. Svankmajer's ALICE. David Moats says legendary stop-motion animator Jan Švankmajer's take on Alice In Wonderland is miles ahead of other children's films - not. La Collectionneuse & Bob Baker Marionettes present: Screening of ALICE () - by Jan Svankmajer With marionette performances + post.

Jan Svankmajer's films, such as Neco z Alenky (Alice), may not be straight horror, but they draw on Gothic literary sources and have a definite appeal to horror.

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Alice: Jan Švankmajer: film, Něco z Alenky (; Alice), is a sinister adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (). The film combines. View Jan Svankmajer Research Papers on for free. Translation priorities: Lewis Carroll's Alice seen from different perspectives. Alice's. An excellent introduction to his work is Jan Svankmajer's Alice, a wonderfully creepy take on Alice in Wonderland, in which Alice is played by a real girl who.

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Jan Švankmajer's “Alice” () | First Run Features Four surrealists sit around a table, assembling a grotesque body, an Exquisite Corpse.

We all know the tale of “Alice in Wonderland”, Lewis Carroll's seen the version directed by czech surrealist animator Jan Svankmajer.

A free-form interpretation of Lewis Carroll's book, Alice in Wonderland. Alice was Jan Švankmajer's first major international success. The brilliant combination of. Jan Svankmajer's Alice (fka Něco z Alenky; ) is a dark reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland made with a great use of stop-motion. There's a vision driving Svankmajer's Alice that Burton's Alice In Wonderland never finds. Even ignoring that one has to do the job of a.

Alice is a dark stop-motion film written and directed by Jan Svankmajer. It is a loose surrealist adaptation of Lewis Carroll's first Alice book. Buy Alice (Dual Format Edition) today from the BFI Store. Jan Svankmajer's Alice is a creepy and disturbing adaptation of Lewis Carroll's original vision. Alice is an minute film, a ,frame puzzle, and a meticulously constructed infantile dream. Jan Svankmajer has stated that he considers his childhood.

Jan Svankmajer's surreal spin on Alice in Wonderland.

Czech contemporary surrealist Jan Švankmajer is wellknown for his Alice films, but not so much his Alice illustrations. Švankmajer's illustrations are decidedly.

Alice can refer to the following works: Alice, the CBS work com running from , starring Alice (Něco z Alenky), a Czech film by Jan Švankmajer. Alice (Svankmajer Version) + Shorts. Details: , Rest of the world, Cert 12A, 85 mins. Direction: Jan Svankmajer. User reviews. Read user reviews. Today's. Alice - A Film by Jan Svankmajer. K likes. "Alice appears to be in her bedroom when a taxidermically stuffed rabbit comes to life and breaks out of.

Contextual information for Jan Švankmajer's Alice in preparation for the surrealism module of the WJEC Film Studies FM4 exam. Alternatively call BOX OFFICE: Programme: www. Jan Svankmajer's “Alice,” and Ken Loach's “Black Jack” are released on DVD.

ALICE (Něco z Alenky). 86 minutes. Directed by Jan of my favorite filmmakers to program is the Czechoslovakian.

Alice in Wonderland () is a quintessential surrealist text and it meets its cinematic match in Švankmajer's incredible combination of.

The Czech filmmaker's first feature, a dark fantasy that takes “something from Alice,” is very different in spirit from both Lewis Carroll's fairy tale and the popular .

A memorably bizarre screen version of Lewis Carroll's novel 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland', mixing one live actor (Alice) with a large.

ALICE is Švankmajer's award winning first feature length film which presents an uncannily dark interpretation of Lewis Carroll's well known. In its own bizarre, compelling way, Jan Švankmajer's ALICE () is the most faithful adaptation of Lewis Carroll's famous "children's" book. Watch From Alice to Insect - a short survey of Jan Svankmajer's feature films and specials at EYE Movie Theatre in Amsterdam. Click for more information about.

I confess I had a slightly worthy, that is sinking, feeling as I put on Jan Švankmajer's Alice (), his free Czech version of Lewis Carroll's. Jan Švankmajer is a filmmaker's filmmaker. Grimy and surreal From the making of Alice, Svankmajer's first feature film. The year-old has. Watch trailers, read customer and critic reviews, and buy Alice () directed by Jan Svankmajer for $

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