Battlefield 2 Fushe Pass Map

FuShe Pass is a map featured in Battlefield 2. It is an engagement between the United States Marine Corps and the People's Liberation Army in north-east. 11 Jun - 7 min - Uploaded by shmeet For more of these see ?v=GiM62AeKZCM&list. Download Fushe Pass map for Battlefield 2 for free from the biggest game maps and levels database of Battlefield 2. Free downloadable maps, levels .

Here is FuShe Pass 64 for stock BF2 and Allied Intent mod. the ultimate vanilla BF2 map in my book, well worth the wait (except i didn't wait. This is original "FuShe Pass" map with full bot support on all sizes. Battlefield 2 HARDCORE is a gameplay, multiplayer-focused modification. Today the team is proud to present their third Battlefield 2 map-pack for release, . and Europe island all with 64 bit besides Jalalabad, Europe and FuShe Pass!.

In the context of this double assault, success will favor the bold, given the constrained nature of this rugged battlefield.

Template:List of maps in Battlefield 2 Dalian Plant; Daqing Oilfields; Dragon Valley; FuShe Pass; Gulf of Oman; Highway Tampa; Kubra Dam; Mashtuur City.

All the bf2 maps remade with added air space and details akin to the oman remake through the last 3 game. Also might be a fun thing if the ALL.

For Battlefield 2 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "battlefield 2 maps, your best Worst map in my opinion is FuShe Pass.

BF2 was a MASTERPIECE! I'd love to play on maps the size of Fushe Pass again someday, but I'm also completely fine with maps that are.

This is an annotated collection of Battlefield 2 multiplayer maps, showing vehicles, control points, and installations. Well, making them larger would shove things off the map and put them in the FuShe Pass, 16 player · 32 player · 64 player.

Battlefield: 2 Maps. Welcome to our map section. You will find every map that you do battle in. Commander View - In-Game - Ground Overview, FuShe Pass. All maps are European forces versus Insurgents Here are all of the maps: Dragon Valley FuShe Pass Gulf of Oman Operation Clean Sweep. Here's my take on the maps (64 player - the entire map used) BAD: Kubra Dam Daqing Oilfields Operation Clean Sweep FuShe Pass GOOD.

A Battlefield 2 (BF2) Forum Thread in the Other/Misc category, This is a short, but awesome chase movie done in Battlefield 2 in the map Fushe Pass. I really. bf2 map by dns, navmeshed by StrikerJ,F14 by clivewil, parachute skin by TNG2 Fushe Pass, AIX2 TNG, 92 MB, All Versions 64 size with different. If you compare the map designs to BF2, there were plenty of varied map layouts. For examle, Dragon pass and FuShe pass were canyon based.

Maps, medals, classes, and more are covered in this comprehensive guide. China > Rating: ** > Description: "FuShe Pass is a mining crucial area containing .

Battlefield 2 FuShe Pass Servers list, find the best BF2 servers to play fushe pass map. Ranked by status, players online & players votes. Battlefield 2: AIX - Fushe Pass (64 Bot Singleplayer). Battlefield 2 .moddb. com/mods/allied-intent-xtended/addons/aix-tng-booster-maps. The following is the order of all of the maps and missions set in the Battlefield D ate of Battle: Name of Map (Game) (Victor) . FuShe Pass (Battlefield 2).

Almost made a FuShe Pass instead of this one I like that map better but An exact copy of DICE's Battlefield 2 on Crysis is a dream of mine.

Here you can find information on all the official Battlefield 2 maps. Each map comes in three different The FuShe Pass is home to uranium mines. The terrain is.

Battlefield 3 had four of the most popular maps brought back from Battlefield 2 in Back to Karkand DLC. (Gulf of Oman, Strike at Karkand, Sharqi. Battlefield 2 SP Kasserine Pass v Map 31 Jul - MB .. Battlefield 2 Fushe Chop Map 23 Feb - MB - downloads. I recently got bummed out that Battlefield 2, my relaxation tool of choice, has on large 64 player maps, namely my favorite map FuShe Pass.

Operation cleansweep - more boats added to U.S. side, 1 blackhawk heli added( 2 total) Fushe pass - startegic objects fixed (map now works in.

But when i play, bf2 keeps on crashing to the desktop without any at karkand) works fine, maps with carriers(gulf of oman, fushe pass, etc.).

Welcome To The Home Of Lost-Soldiers - A Battlefield 2 Community. POLL: Which Map Would You Like In The Rotation? Fushe Pass.

Battlefield 3's nine maps have all been detailed by DICE. Why does Battlefield 3 feature the multiplayer maps it does? "Creating Tom Clancy's The Division 2 PC system requirements Larger Battlefield 2 maps like Road Rage, Dragon Valley, Dalian Plant and FuShe Pass never had that problem.

Dragon Valley was one of my favorite BF2 maps. What's . that in mind, focusing only on US-Chinese maps, fucking SONGHUA STALEMATE or FUSHE PASS!!.

This pack brought back four select maps from Battlefield 2 vanilla, and Map #2 ▻ Dragon Valley (AASv4) Map #3 ▻ FuShe Pass (AASv4).

The [WCC] Guide to setting up a BF2 coop server West Coast Combat you must let the first map load to %, then type in the server The WCC mod team has corrected Fushe Pass so you can include it if.

Battlefield 2 - Nations at War v Map Pack 1. Pack #1 of the Nations at War Map Pack for v Cat Island v3. Daqing Oilfields v3. Desert Rats v6. FuShe Pass.

One of BF2's most defining maps was Dragon Valley. It is still one of the largest, possibly Wasn't there a map FuShe Pass, too? So maybe a. The server will automatically create a folder called “BF2” in that path and install . 32, 64 Modes – gpm_coop, gpm_cq - FuShe Pass Map name – fushe_pass. BATTLEFIELD 2. Maps. Dalian Plant. The Dalian plant is a strategically critical nuclear power plant. In addition to The FuShe Pass is home to uranium mines.

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